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Informazioni e Release Notes del file Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.4
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Changes implemented in 1.4 RC (build 20050411):
Added Opera folder profile directory
Fixed default value handling in registry entry recovery
Fixed always opening on settings page
Fixed localization of IncludeServices checkbox
Fixed status bar text after SysInternals scan
Fixed Host Redirect fix result for duplicates
Fixed another selection bug
Added Save/Load View Report settings
Improved proxy handling to allow @'s in username
Protection of exclude lists against tampering
Main app now can detect changes to itself
New /unimmunize CLP
Updated system startup database usage
Made settings password dialog to masked
Changed Immunization to use encrypted file
Updated ActiveX & BHO icons
Implemented immunize undo value
Added uninstall confirmation dialog
Added shredder confirmation dialog
Update result icon for cache
Updated availability of SysInts excludes remove option
Now uses better server for first update contact
Added button to stop update downloads
Added VeriSign certificate (for additional contents check)

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