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Informazioni e Release Notes del file Skype beta
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  • Feature: SkypeIn privacy options
  • Feature: Option to automatically close ft window when transfer is complete
  • Change: reversed pending authorization requests order on start-tab
  • Change: contact-came-online sound-alerts are disabled by default
  • Bug fix: having more than 255 contacts caused crashes
  • Bug fix: microphone boost was automatically disabled during Skype startup
  • Bug fix: Startup splash text was broken in German
  • Bug fix: edit profile: Scan line index out of range
  • Bug fix: '&' was escaped in recent- and bookmarked chat menus
  • Bug fix: invalid handling of SkypeOut number when redialing from failed call tab
  • Bug fix: too long avatar file names did not fit to avatar browser
  • Bug fix: search results: ordering by birth date did not work on rare cases
  • Bug fix: do not display voicemail left time during Voicemail upload state
  • Bug fix: additional checks against adding too many participants to the conference (resulted in range check errors)
  • Bug fix: conference holding issues
  • Bug fix: missing tooltips in search results
  • Bug fix: API: mis-matched button presses
  • Bug fix: API: missed calls returned some already 'seen' missed calls as well
  • Bug fix: API: searching chatmessages did not return messages of some types

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