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Informazioni e Release Notes del file DiscJuggler 4.50.1179
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  • Enhanced all graphical user interfaces.
  • Enhanced all aspects of write performance.
  • Added DVD+R and DVD+RW BookType support for BenQ, BTC, LG, Lite-ON, NEC, Plextor, and Ricoh drives.
  • Added support to automatically repair invalid VIDEO_TS structures in the "Create new DVDs" task during writing.
  • Added a new feature to load and save task settings automatically.
  • Added abort functionality to jobs being transferred to a Network Server.
  • Added support for %m syntax of all "Good label" fields in all tasks.
  • Added support for new CD and DVD drives.
  • Increased support for various Bitmap color depths.
  • Increased text overlay from 100 maximum characters to 150 maximum characters.
  • Changed registration of DiscJuggler to apply to Windows user accounts.
  • Changed notification of Demo Edition writing limitations to reduce cases when discs are used without user realization.
  • Changed the Network Server to not create PRN label files if printer support is disabled.
  • Fixed handling of .CDJ task configuration files.
  • Fixed handling of opening .CDI and .ISO disc image files from the Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed closing DiscJuggler with limited user accounts; log.txt is no longer saved in the DiscJuggler program files directory by default.
  • Fixed a problem when using the "Cache" option on files from a networked source.
  • Fixed "Verify failed at sector 182" error.
  • Fixed "Medium not present" error message with Plextor drives when finalizing in RAW mode.
  • Fixed a problem where the TOC was not correctly recognized by certain drives.
  • Fixed a problem handling file sizes larger than 32-bit values in the "Create new DVDs" task.
  • Fixed a problem where settings in Tools » Options » Pre-mastering » Date would only be set to folders.
  • Fixed a problem where the date format was inconsistent; dates are now in MM/DD/YYYY and HH:MM:SS formats, respectively.
  • Fixed a problem where pressing the Enter key on the CD-TEXT tab of the "Create new CDs" task would cause a crash.
  • Fixed a problem where writing speeds would be displayed differently depending on input sequence.
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