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Informazioni e Release Notes del file CloneDVD
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Version 2005 01 26
  • New: CloneDVD can now shutdown the computer, after it has successfully finished the operation.
  • Change: All Audio and subtitle streams are now selected by default. This avoids the disappointment of missing streams for the unexperienced user.
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2005 01 15
  • Changed: Removed confusing "Unable to locate layer break" message
  • Fix: Automatic update check could hang the program
Version 2005 01 11
  • New: Support for 4.85 GB "Extreme Extended" DVD-R Media (You must specify a custom size of 4850 MB in the title selection)
  • New: Sounds for "Error" and "Waiting for media"
  • New: Automatic update check
  • New: Added support for chinese languages
  • New: command line option -fs to specify font size
  • Change: Sounds for dialog boxes
  • Change: "Auto selection for removed streams" is now enabled by default
  • Change: "Filter unreferenced material to improve splitting" is now enabled by default
  • Change: Custom size can now be easier modified
  • Change: Screensaver and power saving are now re-enabled earlier
  • Fix: Correct error message is now displayed instead of the meanigless "WriteDVD error 10 0"
  • Fix: Corrupted UI in device selection and progress dialog
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2004 11 25
  • new: workaround for NavigationPack 6 mastering error
  • new: workaround for invalid angle destination mastering
  • new: writedvd.dll is more tolerant, if setup of writer fails
  • new: writedvd.dll disables power saving and screen savers while writing
  • new: file dialogs now use themed buttons on Windows XP
  • fixed: string entry was blocked after showing a file dialog
  • changed: reset of trial period
Version 2004 11 08
  • new: option to remove unreferenced material, can improve video quality when splitting
  • new: 'lighter' screen layout
  • new: 'eject' button while waiting to insert disc
  • new: added 16x write speed
  • new: updated transcoder to r072q, improved handling of corrupt video material
  • changed: writedvd.dll more tolerant, no longer requires reserve track to succeed
  • changed: writing files to harddisk now uses unbuffered I/O, improves memory usage
  • changed: title image
  • fixed: preferences window now adjusts to screen font
  • fixed: layout now works correctly with big screen fonts
  • fixed: transcoder was sometimes unnecessarily compressing the video material
  • some minor changes and improvements
  • updated languages
Version 2004 09 13
  • DVD+R DL discs now become type DVD-ROM on NEC (and compatible) writers to improve compatibility
  • always use ShareRead to avoid file access violation errors (32)
  • some minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages
Version 2004 08 04
  • fixed file corruption issues
Version 2004 08 02
  • updated writedvd.dll, elbycdio.sys and elbycdio.dll
  • fixed problem with Firefox showing up in minimised state
  • chapter trimmer is enabled even when preview is not
  • fixed issues with Plextor drives
  • changed appearance of output size selector
  • fixed autorun suppression (was not working when dialogs were active)
  • automatically eject if source and target drives are the same
  • changed layout behavior of title preview
  • changed CSS protection text
  • new: implemented 'successful' sound
  • new: message to inform users about invalid blocks
  • new: system sounds when question, warning and critical dialogs appear
  • new: pause/resume while transcoding
  • new: retry on read errors while transcoding
  • new: Macrovision detection and dialog
  • fixed: file system error detection
  • improved: handling of writedvd.dll errors
  • new: support for 6x and 12x speed
  • fixed logfile save/save as behavior (asks for overwrite and more)
  • changed help texts
  • extended error handling in title selection and preview
  • reworked all dialogs and extended error messages with useful tips and of course sheep
  • new: support and display of system generated error strings
  • new: don't try to load video files from VIDEO_TS folder if it doesn't exist
  • click on left mousebutton switches between logo and about page
  • new: preferences overlay
  • about-box/welcome box flip-scroll-mechanism
Version 2004 06 12
  • Autoplay is always suppressed as long the main window is activated
  • fix to handle broken parental level entries
  • unspecified subtitles are enabled by default
  • avoid loading video files from VIDEO_TS folder if it doesn't exist
  • support to restore current window position and size
  • transcoding default animation is now the bitrate graph
  • added timeout to ElbyCDIO_LockTarget() to ElbyCDIO.dll
  • added Japanese translation to RegCloneDVD.exe
  • added Portuguese translation
  • updated Catalan translation
  • updated Spanish translation
  • updated Japanese manual
  • updated Italian manual
Version 2004 05 01
  • fixed UDF mastering problem, removed Unicode support for volume names
Version 2004 04 27
  • fixed deadlocking problem in case of corrupted IFO files
  • support for unicode UDF volume names
  • updated japanese translation
  • fixed write speed setting
Version 2004 04 19
  • fixed File 4 error on Windows NT 4
  • fixed proper handling of duplicated start codes
  • added RC handling of video material with very low bit rates
  • added new translation: indonesia
  • fixed IFOFormat 15 (Panasonic recorder specific problem)
  • fixed synchronised transcoder log output
Version 2004 03 27
  • early termination in case of scrambling control bit set (PS 18)
  • implemented tracker to terminate early if block error rate exceeds 25%
  • fixed display of pending log entries
  • updated manual images
Version 2004 03 18
  • second release for public consumption
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