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Informazioni e Release Notes del file eMule 0.49b beta 1
Data di pubblicazione: 15 luglio 2008
  • Added MiniUPnPLib as additional UPnP implementation, the current Windows service based implementation is used as fallback. This will hopefully make eMule's UPnP compatible to most available routers. [miniupnplib by Thomas Bernard, Test & Suggestion: leuk_
  • A specific UPnP implementation can be disabled by adding "DisableMiniUPNPLibImpl=1" or "DisableWinServImpl=1" into the "UPnP" section of the preferences.ini
  • When reading a nodes.dat without any verified contacts (possible an old file version), eMule will assume all contacts to be verified to avoid slowing down the connecting process
  • Project files for VS2005 and VS2008 have been added, however the official eMule is still developed and compiled on VS2003
  • Several changes were made to Kad in order to defy routing attacks researched by University of Minnesota guys [Peng Wang, James Tyra, Eric Chan-Tin, Tyson Malchow, Denis Foo Kune, Nicholas Hopper, Yongdae Kim], in particular:
  • Kad contacts will only be able to update themself in others routing tables if they provide the proper key (supported by 0.49a+ nodes) in order to make it impossible to hijack them
  • Kad uses now a three-way-handshake (or for older version a similar check) for new contacts, making sure they do not use a spoofed IP
  • Unverified contacts are not used for routing tasks and a marked with a special icon in the GUI
  • Fixed: Shared Files window splitter did not properly save/restore position
  • Did first small step in dropping Kad1 support by not probing unknown Kad contacts for Kad1 anymore to save overhead. Kad1 clients will nevertheless still be work for now
  • Fixed a bug which let Kad sometimes assume a Kad2 contact to be Kad1 after probing for both versions
  • Fixed: Memory leak in context menus
  • Added: Vista styles for context menus
  • Fixed: Pressing ESC in Shared Files window filter destroyed the entire window
  • Added additional sanitize checks to make sure eMule never writes downloaded data into an already completed part
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