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Informazioni e Release Notes del file VLC Media Player 3.0.21
Data di pubblicazione: 9 giugno 2024
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Changes between 3.0.20 and 3.0.21:

  • Improve Opus ambisonic support
  • Fix some ASS subtitle rendering issues
  • Fix Opus in MP4 behaviour
  • Fix VAAPI hw decoding with some drivers
  • Add support for HTTP content range handling according to RFC 9110
  • Fix some HLS Adaptive Streaming not working in audio-only mode
Video Output
  • Super Resolution scaling with AMD GPUs
  • The D3D11 HDR option can also turn on/off HDR for all sources regardless of the display
  • Improve subtitles rendering on Apple platforms of notably Asian languages by correcting font fallback lookups
Video Filter
  • New AMD VQ Enhancer filter
  • Add D3D11 option to use NVIDIA TrueHDR to generate HDR from SDR sources
Audio Output
  • Fix regression on macOS causing crashes when using audio devices with more than 9 channels
Services Discovery
  • Fix exposed UPnP directory URL schemes to be compliant with RFC 3986
  • Update FFmpeg to 4.4.4
  • Update dav1d to 1.4.2
  • Update libvpx to 1.14.1
  • the HWND passed to libvlc_media_player_set_hwnd must have the WS_CLIPCHILDREN style set.
  • Fix crashes when using caopengllayer
  • Fix various warnings, leaks and potential crashes
  • Fix security integer overflow in MMS module

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