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Informazioni e Release Notes del file foobar2000 2.0 beta 28
Data di pubblicazione: 26 marzo 2023
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  • Native foobar2000 for ARM is finally available.
  • Supports ARM builds of components but doesn't actually require them, can transparently load x64 code.
  • Native ARM version requires Windows 11. If you run Windows 10, you can still run legacy 32-bit foobar2000 through x86 emulation.
  • FFmpeg updated to 6.0.
  • Built-in Monkey's Audio support now uses FFmpeg. As Monkey's Audio is under rapid development, it's once again available as a separate component that can be updated separately from foobar2000 itself. The component has just been updated to latest Monkey's Audio library and fully supports modern CPU architectures.
  • Added extra sanity checks to tag update operations in built-in codecs: made sure that attempts to remove covers from files that didn't have them in first place don't alter files at all.

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