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Informazioni e Release Notes del file PassMark PerformanceTest 10.0 build 1004
Data di pubblicazione: 27 marzo 2020
  • CPU Test - Compression test, made some changes to increase speed of compression test. The test compresses random data. But it was observed that the generation of random data was taking a large portion of the test execution time. Investigation showed recent Windows patches slowed down the performance of the standard Rand() function. Microsoft are also discouraging its use for other reasons. So we switched to using std::minstd_rand. The test now spends more time compressing data and less time creating random test data.
  • CPU Test - Single thread test, due to changes in the compression test the single thread test will now be slightly higher as the compression test is part of the single threaded test. This also goes some way to addressing concerns that some AMD CPUs were performing below expectations in the single threaded test. (minstd_rand is slightly faster on some AMD chips than Rand)
  • CPU Mark - due to compression and single threaded test changes the CPU mark has been rebalanced for these changes. The single thread test is now weighted slightly more than the other tests.
  • Advanced Network test - Fixed a bug preventing the TCP server thread starting correctly so the TCP test would stop after a few seconds. This was due to a bug in the RIO support implmentation.
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