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Informazioni e Release Notes del file Oracle VirtualBox 6.0.10
Data di pubblicazione: 17 luglio 2019
This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
  • User interface: fix issue inputing controller names (bug #11579)
  • User interface: fix resize problems with recent Linux hosts (bug #18677)
  • Serial: fixed guru meditation when raw mode is enabled (bug #18632)
  • Serial: fixed possible VM crash under certain circumstances
  • USB: Fixed "unrecoverable error" problems in OHCI emulation (bug #18593, 6.0.6 regression)
  • USB: improve captured device identification
  • VBoxManage: fix reversed reporting of audio input and output (thank you Socratis Kalogrianitis)
  • VBoxManage: fix controlling recording for running machine (bug #18723)
  • Guest control service: various fixes
  • Windows hosts: fix problems copying files from shared folders (bug #18569)
  • Linux hosts: kernel module build fixes for various kernels (bug #18316)
  • Linux hosts: support UEFI secure boot driver signing on Ubuntu and Debian hosts (bug #11577)
  • Linux hosts: fix focus grabbing problems with recent Qt versions (builds from source only; thank you Fabian Vogt (SUSE) and Larry Finger; bug #18745)
  • Windows guests: many shared folders fixes
  • Windows guests: fix other services failing if seamless mode was not available
  • Linux guests: kernel module build fixes for various kernels (bugs #18677 and #18697; fixes by Larry Finger and Gianfranco Costamagna)
  • Linux guests: do not try to load old versions of libcrypt on recent guests in Guest Additions tools (bug #18682)
  • Linux guests: udev rules for guest kernel modules did not always take effect in time
  • Linux guests/VMSVGA: do not forget the guest screen size after a guest reboot
  • OS/2 guests: various shared folder fixes
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