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Informazioni e Release Notes del file WinRAR 3.50 beta 1
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  • Change WinRAR's look by installing interface themes
  • Supports decompression of ZIP archives created using Zip64 format extension
  • Added support of multivolume (multipart) CAB archives
  • New options in "Advanced" part of archiving dialog: ' "Delete archive" options allow to delete extracted archives ' and ' "Check authenticity information" option controls processing of authenticity information in RAR archives '
  • "Wait if other WinRAR copies are active" option in "Advanced" parts of archiving and extraction dialogs
  • SFX modules are not compressed by UPX anymore
  • The default SFX logo can be replaced by a custom bitmap file
  • It is possible to specify user defined SFX icons larger than 32x32 and with any color depth
  • DOS.SFX module moved to RAR/DOS32 distributive
  • "Wizard" command allows to specify a password when creating or updating an archive
  • Now it is possible to define file masks to unpack everything for
  • Additional file name extensions for archive formats supported by WinRAR can be specified in the "User defined archive extensions" field on the "Integration" page of the "Settings" dialog
  • New "Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color" option in "File list" page of "Settings" dialog
  • New "Lock toolbars" option in "General" page of "Settings" dialog and in the menu displayed after clicking the right mouse button on the toolbar
  • "Repair" and "Extract" commands replace invalid characters (colon, question mark, etc.) by underscore also in file names in ZIP archives
  • New -n and -n@ switches set additional include filters, so only files matching the mask will be processed
  • New -id[c,d,p,q] switch
  • Switch -e+ allows to specify file include attributes mask
  • Switch -ver[n] supports the optional 'n' parameter also when archiving
  • If the short name of an already existing file is equal to the long name of an unpacking file, WinRAR changes the short name of the already existing file before unpacking
  • Security changes: WinRAR shell does not allow to run *.pif files
  • Security changes: WinRAR shell does not allow to run files having 5 or more continuous spaces in the name
  • In Windows XP WinRAR highlights the sorted column in the file list using the different color, like it is done in Windows Explorer
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