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Informazioni e Release Notes del file Skype
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  • feature: Central Contacts List
  • feature: Voicemail
  • feature: SkypeIn
  • feature: Getting Started Wizard
  • feature: Promote Add To Contacts
  • feature: toolbar added to call tab
  • feature: File Transfer - ability to select multiple files to send
  • feature: Import/Export contactlist from/to vCard
  • feature: API: possible to initiate conference
  • feature: added exitsurvey when Skype is uninstalled
  • feature: chat /alertson * /alertsoff
  • change: improved voice quality
  • change: improved connectivity on XP SP2
  • change: Options dialog - usability improvements
  • change: new sounds
  • change: file transfer: increased relayed transfer speed to 1500 bytes/sec
  • change: Option to automatically close ft window when transfer is complete
  • change: notification on entering SkypeMe mode changed to confirmation
  • change: Send Contacts: possibility to send PSTN numbers
  • change: Send Contacts form closed when all selected contacts added
  • change: content of user profile phone fields is displayed in Contact List as links only if it's valid Skype contact identity
  • change: prank call warning re-designed
  • change: the number of simultaneous File Transfers limited to 50
  • change: user selectable font size and type in Chat
  • change: reversed pending authorization requests order on start-tab
  • change: Import Contacts - bundled MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Opera Contact Importers
  • bugfix: improved 'Automatically check for updates'
  • bugfix: My Skype Picture — files with jpeg extentions were not shown
  • bugfix: 'accept authorization' buttons were not translatable
  • bugfix: in some cases API did not deny access properly
  • bugfix: API: commands BTN_RELEASED UP and BTN_RELEASED DOWN
  • bugfix: API: "AUDIO IN" and "AUDIO OUT" commands did not read double byte driver names correctly
  • bugfix: API: command BTN_PRESSED E failed with error 71 invalid key
  • bugfix: API: command IMHISTORYCHANGED didn't work
  • bugfix: API: mute from UI is communicated to API
  • bugfix: API: No notification were shown when the user changed audio device
  • bugfix: handling URL links in chat improved
  • bugfix: Send Contacts: Add Selected button disabled, if contacts are unchecked
  • bugfix: Send Contacts: username was displayed twice, if fullname was not chosen
  • bugfix: Send Contacts: username and fullame were placed differently on sender's and receiver's side
  • bugfix: unchecking Show Emoticons hided emoticons toolbar in IM windows
  • bugfix: resource leak and potential crash condition fixed, related to traynotifications
  • bugfix: addressbar quickfilter did not show all matches on some cases
  • bugfix: avatar browser: select added image by default
  • bugfix: doubleclicking on last (partially visible item in contactlist) acted on wrong contact
  • bugfix: when conference call host runs out of skypeOut credits during call correct error messages are displayed
  • bugfix: SkypeIn/SkypeOut error codes are displayed during conference calls
  • bugfix: improved SkypeOut links handling in Chat window
  • bugfix: installer now tries to shut down skype 10 times instead of 1 during install and uninstall
  • bugfix: possible to add conference participant from addressbar with conference button
  • bugfix: going automatically to 'Not Available' status was not working if AutoAway was set to 0
  • bugfix: uninstaller behaviour improved
  • bugfix: timestamps added to 'click here to see previous messages' link
  • bugfix: installer reuses language selection
  • bugfix: avatar browser did not work with multiple accounts
  • bugfix: unicode character sorting was inconsistent
  • bugfix: sometimes after a person had left Multi Chat, the person was still shown in participants list
  • bugfix: default style emoticons have timestamps
  • bugfix: sometimes number of copied chars were calculated wrong in chat
  • bugfix: file transfer notification had missing content in some cases
  • bugfix: text highlighting in chat improved
  • bugfix: if file was renamed before saving, old filename was shown in dialog
  • bugfix: Startup splash text was broken in German
  • bugfix: edit profile: rare 'scan line index' out of range bug fixed
  • bugfix: '&' was escaped in recent- and bookmarked chat menus
  • bugfix: invalid handling of SkypeOut number when redialing from failed call tab
  • bugfix: too long avatar file names did not fit to avatar browser
  • bugfix: search results: ordering by birth date did not work on rare cases
  • bugfix: conference holding issues
  • bugfix: tooltips were missing in search results
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