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Informazioni e Release Notes del file ATI Tray Tools
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ATI Tray Tools Version History + Improved TV/Display support. A lot of bugs fixed. + Added support for Radeon X850 Series . + Added Support for Enable/Disable Extended Desktop. Also added hot key for this operation. + Added Screenshots system. Look for options in "General Options" dialog box. Added Hotkeys for Screenshots. + Added new Apply 3D setting mode. You can switch it off in Options dialog box if its doesn't work for you. New method will be applied only if your device supports this method. ATT can automatically detect if your card doesn't supported and switch back to old method even if you enable new method in Options dialog box. + Audio options moved to "General Options" dialog box + Fixed some bugs in installation procedure. + Fixed bug with Hot Key editor. . Updated TV/Display support. Now you can adjust screen posi?ion, size, synchronization for monitors too. . Now all changes in Display and TV properties will be automaticaly restored after restart. . Disabled TV/Display window for unsupported devices. Less than Radeon 9500. Support for old cards will be implemented in next releases. . TV/Display support still in Test Mode! . Updated High Precision Mode overclocking. . Updated display rotation. Now rotation mode will be restored after restart. . Moved a lot of options from atitray.ini into "Options..." dialog box. (Overlocking limits, start up mode and more) . Added option to swap mouse buttons for tray menus. . Added option to load Display profile at start up. . Added support for changing Overlay properties. (You can change overlay properties only while playing video files) . "Check for update" moved to Options... dialog box. . "Backup profiles" moved to Options... dialog box. . Fixed bug with loading color profile at start up. . Fixed bug with hiding Timings Page · Support for ATI Control Center · Overclocking with templates · Automatic overclocking when application required 3D mode · Artifact Tester with ability to find maximum stable clocks for GPU and Memory. · Game profiles with desktop shortcut creation. · Direct3D settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu · OpenGL settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu · Hardware low level color correction · Hardware tweaks. Setting PCI latency timer · System wide Hot Keys. (Load profiles any profiles/work with colors/run any application) · Refresh Lock system with ability to set separate refresh rates for each resolution. · Support Display Rotation with hot keys · Tweak for overriding Pixel and Vertex Shaders · Speed improvement tweaks for Anisotropic/Trilinear Filtering. Support for Catalyst A.I. · Support for system options, VPU Recover, DMA Copy and so on · Support for MMC applications · Support for HYDRAVISION applications · A lot of useful tools. Like Save/Restore Desktop icon positions and more · Audio Recorder. Allow to record music while playing games. With hot keys · Powerful Plug-Ins support. (API for VC++/Delphi included) · Radeon Information plugin. Show information about memory type, active rendering pipe lines. · PCI Register Set. Allow to program any registers in any PCI device at start up time. For advanced users only! · Source code for plugins as examples. + Added TV Out support (test mode). Look in Display->Settings. You can adjust all properties for TV Out including Contrast, Color Saturation, Screen Position, Flicker Removal, TV Format and much more. Also added support for Theater Modes. All these can be included in profiles. + Added new memory timings. + Added Display Rotation support. + Added new hot keys. : Increase Master Volume : Decrease Master Volume : Mute/Unmute Master Volume : Rotate display to 0 : Rotate display to rigth 90 : Rotate display to 180 : Rotate display to left 90 : Switch between display rotation (0 and 180) : Set Default Single Display Profile : Load Display Profile : Start Audio Recorder : Stop Audio Recorder + Improved overclocking procedure. Now ATT can work in two modes. 1. (Default) High precision. In this mode reference divider will be calculated by ATT to archive best accuracy. 2. Low precision. In this mode ATT will use BIOS default reference divider and calculate only GPU/MEM feedback dividers. If you have problems with Default method, try to use Low precision mode. + Default button in Overclocking window, now uses BIOS reference divider to set default BIOS clocks. + Now Desktop Colors will be restored after game end. + Fixed bug with missed buttons to load WAV file for 2d/3d auto detection. + Improved artifact scanning procedure for r4xx series. + Added new tool. Audio Recorder. Using this tool you can record music during playing games. Audio Recorder will automatically create file names like "Untitled[xxx].wav", where xxx is auto incremented number starting from 0. If file with the same number is exists, Audio Recorder will create file with higher number. To ensure you recording from right source, check mixer record settings before using this tool + Fixed bug with 3D Renderer. When ATT can not load vertex data. + Added support for Radeon X700 Series + Added Memory Timing Editor for X800/X700 Series + Added support for Geometry Instancing option. (Look in Tweaks section) + Updated Low Level driver. Also changed name from rvxedit.sys to atitray.sys + Extended Game Profiles. Added option to switch desktop resolution before starting game. + Fixed bug when desktop gamma resets to default after game end. + Fixed bug when ATT can not restore overclocking profile after game end. + Fixed bug when in some cases ATT unable to start low level driver even after reinstall. + Added full support for "ATI Control Center". Now ATT can operate in two modes. Old mode and New Control Center Mode. The new Mode will be automaticaly activated if Control Center is installed. The difference between these two modes are: -In new mode separate settings for d3d/ogl are removed. Added single 3D option. -In Game Profiles now you will choice only sinlge 3D profile for both Direct3D and OpenGL games. + Removed "Radeon Information" plugins. Now you can use internal System Information, located in "Hardware->System Information" menu. + Added support for Catalyst AI. + Reverted 3D detection code for OpenGL application to old one. Because build 370 of ATI Tray Tools and FRAPS use same procedures to detect OpenGL activity, there are known bugs when 3d applications doesn't start. I have decided to revert my code to old detection procedure, which has no conflict with fraps. + Updated Plug-Ins API. Added Run Time type plug-ins. These plugins will be executed at ATT start up. + Added PCI Register Set plug-in. Using this plugin, you can create list of PCI registers, which will be programmed at start-up. Also these registers will be restored after suspend/hibernate mode. Useful for setting BUS Disconnect on/off on motherboards without such option in bios. Example: For motherboards using nVidia nForce 2 Ultra 400 chipsets you can enable "BUS Disconnect" and "Halt Monitor detect" using these values. bus = 0 device = 0 function = 0 register = 6F value = 9F + Added CPU Load metter plugin with full source as example of "How to create Run time plugins and show information in system tray". + Updated Radeon Info plug-in. + Updated Games Profiles. Added option to close ATT after game end. But be careful and don't ask me if you got an error! If you set as game executable an loader, not the game itself, and this loader will be terminated after game start, ATT will be terminated too! Just remember. ATI Tray Tools will monitor .exe file provided as Game Executable! + Added option to load color profile at start up. + Fixed bug with TemporalAA in OpenGL configuration form. + Added OEM settings. (If you want to include ATT in your software/drivers package, please contact me first! I will provide more information) + TemporalAA now can be included in OpenGL/Direct3D profiles and associated with games. Be informed, TemporalAA is shared between Direct3D and OpenGL system, so if you disable TAA for Direct3D it will be automatically disabled for OpenGL and vice versa! + Fixed bug with memory speed detection on Radeon 9000. + Fixed bug with setting timings at start up + Bug fixes + Now timings can be loaded at start up. You must select which profile will be loaded at start up time, insteed of selecting clocks values. + Added 2 new hot keys , very usefull for mobile computer users. Will work on desktop system only if your monitor support this interface. - Turn Monitor Off - Turn Monitor On + Now color settings will not be reset if you change resolution + Added option to automaticaly overclock your card if any application required 3D Api (OpenGL/Direct3D) How it works. If you enable 2d/3d overclocking you must set which profile shoukd be loaded when application enter 3d mode and which profile load after this application finished. ATT some times can not detect when game use 3d mode. If you find such kind of game, create profile for it. Also you can create the list of application which should be excluded from auto 2d/3d detecting. Some of the applications already excluded internaly by ATT and never will be monitored. explorer.exe atitray.exe atitool.exe nvmixer.exe + Changes in game profiles For Game profiles now you can set 3 options: 1. Take no action - ATT will do nothing even if you enable 2d/3d overclocking and game use 3d mode. 2. Custom overclocking - If you set this option ATT will use overclocking profile you provided for this game only. even if 2d/3d overclocking is enabled. 3. Use auto 2d/3d - This option tells ATT to use global 2d/3d profiles. This option has no effect if you disable 2d/3d overclocking. But if you set this option (with global 2d/3d detection enabled) and your application does not require 3D mode, 3D profile anyway will be loaded. + Screensave will be disabled while 3D Render window is active. - Removed "Autodetect Starting Games". Now this option is part of auto 2d/3d overclocking and always ON. It can not be disabled. - Removed "With CPU Heat" function from Artifact tester. Now tester itself can heat main CPU. + Added "Artifact Tester" with ability to find maximum values for GPU and MEM. Including an option to heat up main CPU, to simulate game environment. - Be notified, that procedure to find real maximum clocks is not as simple as you can think. It is a very huge job and I never will create such options in ATI Tray Tools. The given procedure is intended to find clock, when no artifact detected during given time, while rendering a simple scene. (The space ship have about 26 000 triangles.). So it is up to you, how to use this Tester. 8-) + Added new Hardware Window. Now you can control PCI Lantency timer for your video card. Automaticaly apply value on start up and restore it after suspend/hibernate modes. + Added context sensitive help file (English version) + Improved installation. Now you can select Program Menu folder to shortcuts. When installing new version over previous one, new installation will automatically take path for Program Menu from old installation, and use it. + Timings now can be included in overclocking profiles. + Added option to associate color profile with Game Profile. + Added variable in atitray.ini to hide timings pages. (hide_timings) + Added confirmation dialog to replace profile, if profile with the same name already exists. + Added hot key Alt+R in Timing pages to reset timings. + Fixed bugs with Game Profile editing. + If ResfreLock enabled ATT will not ask for refresh rate when changing resolution. + Timings now dissabled for X800 series. Until I find more information. + Added support for X800 Platinum Edition + Fixed bug with "Support DXT Textures" option. If you have problems with textures in games just after installing ATT, please check "Support DXT Textures" option in Direct3D, and if it's off, turn it on. + Updated Hot Keys. Now some of hot keys (Load d3d/ogl profiles) will not work while you play any games, registered in ATT game profiles. Functionality will be restored after game finished. + Now tray Icon will be recreated automatically if explorer crashes + Added Hot Keys system with abilities: Load profiles Direct3D/OpenGL/Overclocking Run any applications Work with colors (gamma/brightness/contrast) Load any Color Profile Reset Colors + Anisotropic Filtering Optimization and Trilinear Filtering Optimization now moved to standard Direct3D settings and can be included in Direct3D profiles. + Added hardware low level color correction with profiles. All Color values always will be resets after any screen resolution changes. + Fixed compatible issue with Trend Micro Internet Security. + Fixed bug with overclocking profile when profile can not be deleted. + Renamed uninstall key name to disable ATI Uninstaller to uninstall ATI Tray Tools together with other ATI Software. + Internal changes in Shell Notify Icon procedure. + Fixed Quick Resolution bug. + Updated Quick Resolution option. Now you can disable for frequency asking dialog and disable wait for 10 seconds before applying selected screen resolution. Add 3 variables in atitray.ini in section [resolutions]. dont_ask_rate=0 - if set 1 ATT will not ask to select refresh rate select_max_refresh=0 - if set to 1 ATT will select maximum posible refresh rate for selected screen resolution, if dont_ask_rate=0, ATT will ignore this value dont_wait=0 - if 1, ATT will not wait 10 seconds until apply selected screen resolution + Updated Game Pofile Name creation and fixed bug with creating shotrcuts. Now these chars / \ ? | " * < >, will be replased with underscope _. BTW. Starting from build 330, ATT can automaticaly detect started game, so you should not create any shortcuts, until you use "Auto Detect Starting Games" option. + If you have version less than, you must manualy uninstall ATI Tray Tools and restart computer before install this build. + Added support for changing resolutions. Click left mouse button on Icon in tray area and select resolution. + Fixed bug when setting OGL Trilinear Option + Fixed bug with restoring previous settings for d3d/ogl after game finished. + Changes in Game Profiles. Added new filed for Game Parameters. Now if you register game with some comand line parameters, please put parameters in "Parameters" edit box. + Fixed bug with shotcuts for game pofiles used in new mode. (Autodetect mode doesn't need any specialy created shortcuts for games anymore) + Updated installation package. Now you can select between full and custom installation types. In Custom mode you can disable autostart ATT with windiws and creating any shortcuts in Start Menu + Minor bug fixes + Improved Game Profiles. Now ATI Tray Tools can automatically detect started application and if executable file will be found in the list of Game Profiles, will load corresponding settings like D3D/OGl and overclocking settings. Now there are no needs to create Shortcuts for Game Profiles. Just register an application in "Game Profiles" menu. You can switch this mode Off, just uncheck "Auto Detect Starting Games" located in "Game Profiles" menu. + Fixed bug when secondary monitors turns off when applying D3D Settings + Updated Reset Display procedure. + Improved Refresh Lock + "Options" menu renamed to "Tools" and now have option to Save and Restore Icons position + Added Refresh Lock system with ability to set separate refresh rates for each resolution. + A few bugs fixed + Added information about current clocks to hint for tray icon. + Added support to turn on/off Pixel Shader Code optimization + Added profiles backup option + Optimizing code + Added options for Hyper Z (I assume (at less for RV3xx), that all options for HyperZ modes are enabled by default, even if there are no such values in registry. Use these settings for testing purpose. You can always return all settings to default (for Catalyst) state by clicking on "Reset to default" option.) + Updated installation procedure. Now ATI Tray Tools will be closed automaticaly when installing over old version. + Added options in atitray.ini file to hide some menus on startup hide_ogl=0 ;if 1 all OpenGL menus will be hidden hide_d3d=0 ;if 1 all Direct3D menus will be hidden hide_tweaks=0 ;if 1 all tweaks menus will be hidden + Improved Game profiles support + Changed some internal codes + Improved plugins support, added some new functions to Plug-Ins API + New plugin added. Radeon Information. Gives general information about Radeon Cards like: - Installed Memory Size - Memory Type (SDRAM/DDR/DDR2) - Memory Width (64bit/128/256) - Rendering Pipelines count + Added support for RADEON X800 Series + Updated Game Profiles. Now you can use new option to restore previous setting for D3D/OGL after game ends. + Improved desktop shortcuts support + Fixed bug with loosing focus by games, which ran from desktop shortcuts. + Added support for AF mode with full Trilinear Filtering. Catalyst driver by default enable Trilinear filtering only on 0 stage textures. By enabling this mode, you will receive true Trilinear filtering on all texture stages. + Icon positions on desktop now will be restored after applying Direct3D settings. + Optimizing code. All graphics removed from .exe file into external library. + Updated launching procedure for shortcuts + Fixed bug, which in some cases prevent windows from restarting/shutdown. This bug first time appeared in build 303. + Added option to check for the new version in internet + Fixed some bugs with dialog box positions + Updated Games Profiles. Now you can specify two different overclocking profiles. One to load before start game and second one, after game ends. + Added options to create shortcut on desktop for Game Profiles. + Fixed bug with OpenGL dialog window and Force Z Buffer Depth + Added support for Game Profiles + Fixed bug with grayed menu items for D3D/OGL profiles at first run. (When no profiles available and you create new one, Direct3D and OpenGL Profiles menu still grayed) + Updated TemporalAA procedure. Now you can manually set Frame Threshold, but be notified! Value less than 60 will produce bad image quality on corners of object. + Minor bug fixes + Improved PCI Scan procedure + Updates plugins API + Added support for Direct3D Anisotropic Filtering Optimization (Can improve speed up to 10-15% without significant losing quality. This mode can give better quality than standard "Performance" mode) + Added support for Direct3D Trilinear Filtering Optimization + Added support for Direct3D Temporal Antialiasing + Now you can limit clocks for Overclocking using atitray.ini file. + Added support for HYDRAVISION + Improved overclocking procedure + Added profiles for overclocking + Added support for plug-ins. API for VC++ and Delphi with examples, included in installation package. + Updated calculation to minimize gap between desired clocks and actual clock + Added overclocking + Added option to restore clocks after resuming from suspended modes + Reordered tray menu + Added GUI forms for Direct3D and OpenGL + Support for Catalyst 4.3 + Changed menu drawing procedure to avoid bad colors under Windows XP + Added support for MMC application + Created installation package + Added Tweaks for DMA Copy, Block Write + Fixed Refresh Override under Direct3D + Fixed bug with detection of current loaded Profile + Fixed bug with Profiles which has same name + Initial release

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