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Sei in: Home  Applicazioni  Informazioni e Release Notes del file Passmark BurnInTest Professional 9.0 build 1017
Informazioni e Release Notes del file Passmark BurnInTest Professional 9.0 build 1017
Data di pubblicazione del file: 3 ottobre 2019
  • Disk test, added some extra checks that block size is not invalid when starting the test
  • 3D Test, changed default test size to 800x600
  • 3D Test, DX12 test, made some changes so test window can be moved to a different screen location
  • Management console, made some changes so that clearing the Machine ID in the report information dialog will close the current management console connection and allow the config (or the default values in machineid.dat) to be saved with a blank Machine ID. This will then be newly generated next time BurnInTest is opened using that config and the connection to the management console is made.
  • Memory test, made some changes so the test isn't waiting longer than it needs to when running in conjunction with USB2 plugs or the USB test has errors before connecting to a plug (the memory test will wait for up to 1 minute before starting to allow USB plugs to connect and the USB3 benchmark test to run)
  • CPU Test, added option to allow number of CPU test threads to be chosen
  • Added a warning message when running the 3D DX12 test in conjunction with the GPGPU and CPU test at high duty cycles
  • Logging, added duty cycle for the selected tests to the normal log output
  • Fixed a crash on start up that could occur on Intel Baytrail systems due to an invalid MSR read
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