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Informazioni e Release Notes del file foobar2000 1.5 beta 5
Data di pubblicazione: 18 luglio 2019
  • New and improved Properties dialog, with the ability to manipulate attached pictures as well as scan and modify ReplayGain values.
  • Greatly improved Selection Properties performance for large track lists.
  • Various prompts (such as delete/recycle) now come with a "do not show this again" checkbox.
  • Restored pre-1.4 behavior of main-window-hidden/notification-icon-only status being remembered after foobar2000 restart.
  • Added logging of Media Library scanning errors - "show errors" button in Media Library Preferences.
  • Added Advanced Preferences option for flushing playback queue on manual track change (default: on).
  • Made "Open containing folder" command work with tracks in archives - opens folder containing the archive.
  • Added an option to preserve last-modified timestamps of tracks when updating tags.
  • Additional safeguards against corrupted configuration in case of a system crash while saving (FlushFileBuffers).
  • File Operations: delete/recycle prompt always says "Delete" rather than "Recycle", since not every volume supports recycle action.
  • FFmpeg 3.4.6, now compiled with MS compiler, binary size reduced due to DLL runtime.
  • Implemented reading of cue+bin audio CD images.
  • Implemented asynchronous drag&drop, for less stalls when dragging tracks from foobar2000 to another program.
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