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InnoDisk lancia la gamma di SSD Matador II per bus PCI-Express
a cura di Giacomo Usiello | 24 dicembre 2009

Con in comunicato stampa di seguito allegato, la taiwanense InnoDisk ha lanciato la serie di drive a stato solido, o SSD, con interfaccia per il bus PCI-Express 8x siglata Matador II. Si tratta di prodotti di fascia alta, destinati all'impiego nell'ambito enterprise in abbinamento ai server per la gestione, ad esempio, di DBMS ad alto traffico o ai sistemi per il cosiddetto "cloud computing", che prevede l'utilizzo di risorse hardware e software spazialmente distribuite e connesse tramite Rete.

In accordo al produttore, i nuovi SSD su PCI-E sono notevolmente più veloci, in virtù della compatibilità con il bus PCI-Express, di quelli collegabili mediante una porta di tipo SATA II. Ne consegue per i Matador II una velocità massima in lettura pari a 800MB/s (contro i 230MB/s degli SSD su SATA II) ed una velocità massima in scrittura che raggiunge i 600MB/s.

InnoDisk ha previsto il lancio commerciale di differenti varianti in funzione della capacità di memorizzazione, che va da un minimo di 128GB a un massimo di 2TB.

InnoDisk Corp. launches the most advanced ultra speed PCIe SSD along with the house warming party held at the new premises on Dec 22, 2009. After receiving Taiwan Excellence with NanoUSB Series and continuously along with the Best Choice Award at COMPUTEX, InnoDisk achieves the goal of being the pioneer of the industry again and releases the latest and the best PCIe SSD solution during the celebration of moving to the new location. The performance of 800MByte per second is much faster than the current existing SATAII SSD (approximately 230MB/sec), and that’s why InnoDisk PCI-e SSD Series is perfect fit to applications like enterprise server, high-end applications, cloud computing, etc.

The biggest advantage that PCI-e SSD has is the excellent performance in speed, comparing to the traditional HDD and SSD. Current available SATAII SSDs are utilized with the best bandwidth (3.0Gb per second) already and hit the bottleneck without possible progress. However, with PIC-e x 16 interface, the bandwidth can achieve 40Gb/sec, which is 13 times better than SATAII. According to General Manager of InnoDisk, Mr. Vincent Lo, the development of PCI-e SSD was more difficult than other SATA SSD products. In order to be fully prepared for this product line, InnoDisk formed its own firmware team 3 years ago and developed own technology know-how to avoid possible conflict within flash controller, PCI-e RAID controller, and system chipsets.

InnoDisk PICe SSD adopts PCIe Gen.1x8 standard with bandwidth of 20Gb/sec when the biggest capacity can reach 2TB. In the meantime, it makes a breakthrough of data transfer speed of 800MB/sec (max.) for read and 600MB/sec (max.) for write. Moreover, the device offers internal RAID allocation function; users can choose to program it as one or more disks but keep performing the best still.

One thing you cannot miss is, the internal InnoDisk Power Guard skill is implanted into the device; with such design, data will be written into the flash correctly in no time when power is interrupted unexpectedly. When there is no concern of about data loss, applications with requirements of high confidential can be fulfilled completely. In addition, the mechanical cooling design is also considered; temperature would be maintained stable with efficient convection, so the data would remain steady.

The request of higher speed is always evolving, says InnoDisk General Manager, SSD with PCI-e interface will definitely be the main stream from the current needs in enterprise servers, high speed online game, cloud computing applications, etc. to personal computer in the future. The potential cannot be overlooked.

As stepping into the 5th anniversary, InnoDisk never stops devoting its effort 100% to developing, marketing, manufacturing and customizing the best and unique flash storage solution to the industrial market. While receiving the appreciation of ISO9001 and the positive feedbacks from partners around the world, InnoDisk sure is the brightest rising star in Taiwan!

Fonte: InnoDisk Press Release
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