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Pioneer lancia il burner BDR-2203 che scrive a 8x sui BD-R
a cura di Giacomo Usiello | pubblicato il 15 aprile 2009
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Con il comunicato stampa di seguito allegato, Pioneer ha annunciato il masterizzatore Blu-ray interno siglato BDR-2203. La device si fa notare, da un lato, per la notevole velocità di scrittura, pari a 8x, in abbinamento ai dischi BD-R da 25GB e ai BD-R dual-layer (DL) da 50GB e, dall'altro, per la buona compatibilità all'indietro. Il nuovo BDR-2203, infatti, scrive a 16x in presenza dei supporti DVD-R/+R e a 32x con i CD-R.

Il BDR-2203 ha un'interfaccia verso il mondo implementata mediante una porta Serial ATA (SATA). E' molto ampia la dotazione del software a corredo del burner, dal momento che include CyberLink PowerDirector, PowerDVD e Power2Go. Il drive è già sul mercato: il prezzo consigliato dal produttore è pari a $250.

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Long Beach, CA 4/14/2009

To the delight of creative consumers and professional authoring providers, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today introduces its new BDR-2203 Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD internal computer writer. Delivering on the promise of a comprehensive solution for large file storage and high definition film functionality, the new device features an impressive 8X write speed capability for dual-layer BD-R Blu-ray Disc media. With the new writer, users can take advantage of the substantial 50 gigabyte (GB) storage capacity from Blu-ray Discs to ensure fast and successful preservation of standard and high definition data content along with the confidence that comes with using a Pioneer optical disc product. The multi-format BDR-2203 comes packaged with specialized software to fulfill the array of creative and professional needs of PC users. The Pioneer BDR-2203 Blu-ray Disc internal computer writer begins shipping in April for a suggested price of $249.99.

Through extensive write speed testing, the company’s engineering group found that it will take users approximately 15 minutes to write 25 GB of information to a single-layer BD disc and about 30 minutes to write 50 GB worth of information (the equivalent of more than 10 single-layer DVD-R discs) when using the new writer.

“As one of the earliest advocates of Blu-ray Disc technology, Pioneer recognized the many advantages the format could have for consumer and professional users, which has culminated in our development of one of the industry’s most robust BD writers to date,” said Steve Cohn, director of optical disc sales for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “When considering that a dual-layer Blu-ray Disc is equivalent to ten single-layer DVDs, our BDR-2203 is a viable PC upgrade for those who are looking to enter this new era of HD playback, storage and picture performance in every facet of their life.”

For more than 30 years, Pioneer has continually introduced optical disc advancements in the professional and home arenas, and the new BDR-2203 demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to further advancing the Blu-ray Disc format.

Rapid, Robust Functionality with Multiple Disc Formats
The BDR-2203 demonstrates Pioneer’s engineering prowess by exceeding not only traditional reading and writing speeds for various DVD and CD media formats but also its ability to provide rapid performance capabilities for data stored on Blu-ray Disc media.

The 8X maximum write speed for dual-layer BD media ensures a user-experience that is seamless and time-saving, especially for professional authoring providers that can now author and test full HD films at an extremely efficient pace. The drive is significant for mainstream consumers who are now able to maintain copious volumes of crucial files on a single disc rather than traditional libraries of multiple discs that can become misplaced or lost altogether.

Dynamic Software for Creative Enthusiasts
With a sophisticated software suite, the new computer writer allows users to connect their high definition camcorder to their PC and upload personal content for creative archiving. The BDR-2203 comes complete with the CyberLink solution software suite that allows users to easily create professional-looking high resolution Blu-ray Discs interspersed with photos, home video, songs, even provide a running dialogue and chapter bookmarks. The resulting HD discs can be distributed among fellow HD fans for playback on a standard Blu-ray Disc player and displayed on a connected HDTV in stunning 1080p resolution.

Pioneer has been an innovator of optical disc technology since it shipped its first LaserDisc products, the precursor to DVD, to the consumer market in 1980. Pioneer went on to introduce the first DVD writer for video authoring use in 1997, the first DVD recorder as a VCR replacement in 1999, the first DVD/CD writer for home computer users in 2001 and the first Blu-ray Disc writer in 2006. Pioneer Corporation is one of the original Blu-ray Disc Founders. More details can be located at

Fonte: Pioneer Press Release
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