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Release Notes - SE Backup 0.9.0 beta

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SE Backup 0.9.0 beta
  • "cgywin1.dll", "cdrecord.exe" and "mkisofs.exe" moved to the "tools" subfolder
  • Moved the "Generate Session Shortcut..." command from the "File" menu to the "Tools" menu
  • Added the Windows XP Style
  • Fixed the "Close when finished" bug
  • Improved the selected folders size calculation speed
  • No more freezing windows during folders' check
  • Added a confirmation request before stopping the zip operation on an user cancel event
  • Some minor Tree Folder bugs fixed
  • Now SEB writes his version in the session file on every save
  • Added the date of the last save to the session file
  • Added a progress bar window during the session loading
  • Options Window redesigned
  • Removed the confirmation request before stopping the "update unzipped size" operation on an user cancel event
  • Main Window redesigned
  • New zip technology core implemented. No more 4GB archive limit, due to the fully Zip64 support
  • CDRecord upgraded to version "Cdrecord-Clone 2.01.01a01-dvd (i686-pc-cygwin)"
  • CygWin upgraded to version 1005.12.0.0
  • Now the log level is settable also with no send mail option selected. The log is always saved in the "temp" dirctory

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