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3dfx Daytona (VSA-101 and DDR memory) at work with 3DMark 2000

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09.03.2015 - 3dfx Daytona (VSA-101 and DDR memory) at work with 3DMark 2000

3dfx users and enthusiasts can be happy because a rare sample of 3dfx production - named Daytona - is working with 3DMark 2000, known video testing tool of some years ago.

At our italian board Superbox, 3dfx cards collection owner and member, posted some info about performance, compatibility and stability as well as 3DMark 2000 screenshots and one Daytona photo.

You can read his report and view these frames, 3DMark score and Daytona image just opening this post.

We simply remember Daytona is equipped with one VSA-101 graphic processor and 32Mb of DDR local memory.


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